Value Memes & Belief Systems

Value Memes & Belief Systems

(An excerpt from the upcoming book “Beyond The Lizard Brain” by T Sebastian

Beliefs form a cognitive framework. Sets of beliefs or systems create the structure of the world view upon which value memes gain their validity in the minds of the “believers”.  Adherents to any particular meme have in effect put their minds in a box. The meme box has become a tribal affiliation and this relationship becomes the glue that holds their sense of self together.

This is where the lizard brain comes into the picture. When you “decide” or “believe” that a set of ideas tells you who you are, it must be defended. The “angel at the gate” brandishing the flaming sword is your lizard brain. It will engage and seek to destroy any threats to this constructed “self” image.

This scenario is the general cause of all conflict between disparate groups on the planet. The only way to end the conflict is to disarm the lizard brain…

Or you could go on trying to convince others to adopt your memes. This is what the world has always been doing.