Seek Out and Integrate Your Pain Body

Seek Out and Integrate Your Pain Body

How to use a proactive program to rapidly integrate your subconscious negativity and pain.

Thanks to Oprah and Eckhart Tolle, integration of subconscious pain, “your pain body”, as a means to spiritual awakening is fast becoming a household “word”. This article describes how you can become proactive and rapidly increase the rate and results of your integrative practice.


Demystifying the Pain Body

Your pain body consists of a reservoir of all the unprocessed pain in your past. This includes all types of emotional, mental and even physical trauma. The reason any particular incident may be part of this reservoir is determined by how you held it at the time. If it overwhelmed you and you “decided” you needed to repress or suppress it, then you deposited it in your pain body bank. From the time of very early childhood til now, this has been your habit. Unfortunately our society teaches us to do this. So you have this pain body bank full of deposits and what is the result?

It “Bites You In The Butt”! This is where your lizard brain comes into play. It is designed and programmed to protect you from experiencing this pain again.

Because this unprocessed or integrated pain is now hidden from your consciousness, does not mean that it is gone. It shows up when you least expect it and in very inconvenient ways. All types of compulsive behavior including addictive behaviors come from your pain body. Inappropriate emotional reactions such as rage, irrational fear and panic attacks, hurt feelings and vengeance or even arguing and opinionating grow out of this pain body bank. Even the more subtle forms of suffering such as poor self image or lack of confidence and moodiness arise from your non integrated pain body. At times the situation can seem hopeless, so what can we do?

By bringing this information into the public arena, Eckhart Tolle and Oprah are doing a wonderful service to the world and anyone who puts into practice what is being taught. However, there are many powerful methods developed in recent years that can bring a more precise understanding to this practice. Instead of waiting for your pain body to arise and trying to become conscious, you can become proactive by methodically seeking, finding and integrating your pain body. These proactive processes are both scientific and proven to work. You can tame your lizard brains reactivity and empty your pain body of it’s content.

Practical Considerations

A passive approach to pain body integration is a less effective approach for a few reasons.

First, effective integration requires us to develop awareness which includes the ability to direct our attention. If we are in a situation that requires our attention to be on something else, say work or driving, we have little attention left with witch to become aware enough to gain the needed objectivity to observe and allow the negativity. It becomes extremely difficult to process this non integrated pain under these conditions.

Second, when we are relaxed and there are not many demands on us, this is the time our pain body is usually dormant because it is not being triggered. This leaves us in a situation where we have no opportunity to move forward in our practice.

Third, many times we are triggered in social situations in which it would be almost impossible to turn our attention inward and focus on our emotional reaction without attracting embarrassing attention. Another catch 22.

Proactive Integration of the Pain Body

Down through the ages, monks and mystics have had to withdraw from society to spend countless hours in contemplation and meditation in order to get results. This is no longer necessary. You can begin a proactive integration practice that produces rapid results today. You don’t need to wait for your pain body to arise in the exact right situation and you don’t need to meditate for 20 years to get results.

There are many roads you can take. The field of Energy Psychology has a lot to offer. There are quasi spiritual teachers that teach lots of methods that can help. However, we recommend that you learn the art and science of proactive integration of your pain body. This way you can have all the tools and skills you need to develop your own personalized practice. You are the expert concerning your own subconscious pain.

Don’t wait any longer for your pain to be resolved. Take a proactive stance today and begin the incredible journey toward Wholeness. One on one sessions and lessons are available in the sight navigation.