Real Reality, Meaning, Chaos & The Death of Identity

Real Reality, Meaning, Chaos & The Death of Identity

Personal Reality is what you perceive to be true or real. Real Reality is what remains true despite what you perceive, believe or deceive yourself into clinging to.

So, I am not disputing that what you perceive is real or true does not seem very true to the point of actually being the reality you experience. Your mind is a powerful creative instrument and is able to create states and circumstances and phenomena that substantiate what you believe.

The question now arises; Why do you believe it? So, why do we believe our skewed perceptions even though they do not line up with objective reality or what actually is?

When you start waking up you begin to see that the meaning (your personal meaning, and anyone’s meaning for that matter) you attach to what is happening in any given moment is nothing but your perception of it. Your perception is based on your experiential history and your conditioning.

This dismantling of meaning sets into motion a lack of orientation to reality which you could describe as chaos.

It’s chaos because we form our identity around the meaning we place on our perceptions of reality. This is what we do not want to give up. There is a sort of safety found in placing a structure on the mystery of reality that is not easy to let go of. Yet, this is what must be done if you wish to mature into a clear and unfiltered perception of reality.

Letting go of our stabilizing meanings is tantamount to a death of identity.

This is the leap that separates the world of illusion and identity from the world of reality and conscious awareness without a mooring in any particular definition or meanings or descriptions of reality.