Getting Lizard Brain To Chill

Getting Lizard Brain To Chill

Sometimes when your in the thick of it, the inner reptile starts flipping around. It’s time to do some quick chill maneuvers. Quick chill techniques are not meant to release or integrate a particular trigger point or conditioning. What they will do is give you some inner space and allow your frontal lobes to function more fully.

So, when you are being triggered or getting upset:

First, realize you’re having a reaction to a stimulus in your environment. What you are thinking and feeling is not “truth”, and your reasoning brain is being usurped.

Next, breath evenly in and out a couple – few times, before you do or say anything.

Then, if possible ask to be excused from the situation if it’s social and find a quiet place (like the bathroom) where you can simply breathe and feel until you are back to relative normal.

Finally, make a note to yourself to work on this issue more deeply when you have the time.

Another good tool is EFT. Something I used many times until I had a good grip on my issues. Look it up.